Monograms has created packages that are a cut above going on your own, while leaving the group behind. Each package comes complete with quality accommodation, hand-selected based on location, amenities, and service. Take advantage of the services of your Monograms Local Host—a local expert on call and accessible throughout your stay to help you make the most of your trip. We’ve arranged sightseeing with expert Local Guides, complete with some of India’s most incredible attractions. Plus, Monograms can take care of your transportation needs when traveling between cities. And that’s not all. With Monograms, you can travel independently in style without going it alone—or getting lost in the crowd. There’s nothing like it. Why travel any other way? Exploring is great fun. Researching and planning each detail is not. Monograms handles all the elements needed to create a high-quality, hassle-free, independent vacation package that's perfect for you. That's the Monograms Difference.


Access to a local expert who knows everything—changes everything. Suddenly, you know where to dine, where to shop, and all of the hidden gems only the locals know. We provide an onsite Local Host at each destination to answer your questions and immerse you in the scene.


Accommodations are more than where you sleep. They're the part of the travel experience that can make or break a vacation. With a thoughtful and discerning eye, we’ve selected the most convenient accommodations—near the places to see and the places to be seen—with just the amenities you desire.


Start your day off the right way…with a hearty breakfast, which is included at your hotel. We have included some lunches and dinners here and there so you can dive into the local scene and sample the regional cuisine! Infact, we have also organized culinary workshops so that you can carry the flavours back home with you, and not just the memories.


Even the most independent-minded travelers want to see the must-see attractions and then some more, so Monograms includes guided sightseeings, safaris and authentic destination experiences. These will enhance your own personal journeys.


When on a Monograms vacation, we take care of your transportation needs when traveling from one city to the other in comfortable private vehicles. After all, why sweat when you can swoon?